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valery b ireland

Valery B Ireland

As a transformation health coach, Valery is a woman on a mission to equip those who are struggling with unhealthy eating patterns and diet confusion and help them conquer defeat and frustration and build a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. With a BS in Applied Behavior Psychology, training from the Holistic Healing Center, and schooled in the hard knock of health and life, with 23 years of experience, Valery is an agent of change, and a food and emotions strategist with a whole-istic approach to health. She developed her proprietary method, the “MONA” Effect, and created the “Axis 7” Strategic Stretches Sequence, which empower people to transform from the inside out. Valery believes that health is a lifestyle, and her goal is to ignite a deep level of self awareness into action, to restore body function, and to become Empowered to the Core as her God given call. Valery is Married to a Family Practice D.O. practicing prevention, they are parents of two beautiful boys. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and believes that love is the loudest language she speaks.

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