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Kate Tamblyn

A constant work in progress, and a survivor of a Severe and Enduring Eating Disorder Kate has worked in various settings of education for 23 years, working with children in their early life through to their late teenage years. She loves seeing the “light bulb” moments when young people gain understanding of a learning concept, shows unwavering conviction and self-awareness towards their goals, thoughts, beliefs, and dreams, and behave with true kindness, empathy, and compassion. Kate believes that staying creative throughout one’s lifetime is vital for staying connected to who we are. Kate has been incredibly fortunate to have live out her childhood dream of being a professional dancer. She has concurred fears and experienced amazing moments travelling and working around the world. Kate made the mammoth decision to change her future, by going back to university in order to help others like herself. Kate’s daily mantra is simple but powerful: “I am a breathing, feeling being of love, hope and light”.

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