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Elli Lykouresi

Elli is an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist who helps people to unveil the power of their mind and unmask the underlying cause of their symptoms, and compassionately show them of how to let go of what does not serve them anymore and how to adopt new habits that will allow them to transform their lives. She was born and raised on a Greek island, called Zakynthos, and started to help people as a Registered Nurse. For 15years she has been adding her small pebble into helping thousands of people to regain their health. And even though she became a Clinical Peri-Operative Nurse Specialist to Emergency & Life threatening situations, she could see clearly that a fundamental link was missing from the equation, the mind-body connection. Relentless in her drive to learn, grow and improve both herself and her offering to others, she moved to Australia and reinvented her career to reach people in their everyday life, where they need the change most. Having walked through her own struggles herself, experiencing the veil of Depression and Anxiety, she studied the strategies and practised the skills that set her free from those debilitating thoughts and patterns. Determined to help other people to live the life they deserve and use their inner strengths to build a healthier mindset, she built her own online clinic in order to reach them beyond the geographical limitations.

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