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Rose Coffen

Rose Coffen

Meet Rose, a remarkable woman who is making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people across the country and the United States. As the director of Soul-centre, a coaching/mentoring organisation, Rose brings her expertise to help others overcome adversity and realise their full potential. With a master’s degree in NLP and a wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring, Rose is a true youth specialist. She has worked with young people in crisis or local authority care, helping them navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger than ever before. But Rose’s journey to success has not been an easy one. From a young age, she suffered a series of tragedies that would have broken many people. Yet, she refused to be defeated by her circumstances. Rose sees her past struggles as the making of her, and she is determined that her past will not define her future. For Rose, life is a gift to be cherished, and she refuses to send it back unopened. She lives in the present and only looks back to see how far she has come. Her deep desire is to help others get through adversity and realise their own potential. Rose is a champion of self-love and firmly believes that you cannot fully love another or receive love if you do not love yourself. She is a beacon of light for many, showing them that no matter what they have been through, they can rise above it and shine. And with her unwavering spirit, she is an inspiration to us all.

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