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Widowed With Kids: You do it for the kids until you rediscover yourself



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Widowed With Kids: You do it for the kids until you rediscover yourself


Sharon Rosenbloom



This book will help those going through a bereavement, suffering from grief, deep pain and loss. It will help you through your darkest time. You are not alone on this journey. Sharon wished there was a book like this to read when her husband died, as she felt so lost and lonely. Her husband had died and now she is a widow with two young children.

Sharon felt like her life was completely shattered. How was she going to live without her husband, her best friend, her soulmate, and bring up her two children totally on her own?The pain was so deep that Sharon felt, she didn’t want to be here anymore, but she knew she had to find a way through her grief for the sake of her two children. She felt totally broken and lost.Grief and death are the darkest, heaviest and most challenging emotion anyone ever has to go through in life. It’s very difficult to know how to deal with the deep sadness, isolation and total overwhelm that it brings.

Sharon lived in fear and sadness for many years. She found hiding from her grief wasn’t working. When she started to love herself unconditionally and find a way back to joy and happiness, she then ultimately discovered who she really is, why she is here, and to fulfil her passion, which is to help you through your darkest journey in life.


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