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Rebecca Padgett

Rebecca Padgett

Mother to two beautiful teenage daughters. Diamond Academy graduate. Author, poet, musician. A lover of words since childhood. A positivity seeker in everything and everyone. Founder of AS Ultima. Rebecca, an Aquarian, celebrates free-spirits. She always finds the silver lining and, following nearly two decades of domestic abuse, has rebuilt her life with joy, gratitude and manifesting goals. Combining her love for medical science and her passion for helping people, Rebecca trained as a maternity nurse. She chose her professional journey in the private sector, then moved into pharmaceutical research, and finally the NHS. She now helps people around the world achieve their dreams and an ultimate, happy and financially-free lifestyle, through her global company. Rebecca’s two favourite taglines are “Be kind, always” and “Believe in magic and magic will happen”. She listens to her heart and has faith in her decisions to improve her own life, and that of others around the world. Rebecca is the founder of AS Ultima

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