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Brent Cary

VP for Survivors for Change. Brent uses his past grooming an mental abuse by a coach to help young athletes understand what is a healthy coach/player relationship. Survivors for Change was started by 3 hockey players that were abused by the same coach in different generations. This group of men have come together to ensure that people have the resources to heal, understand what healthy coach/player relationships, and have a space to help others. Male athletes have a limited voice when it comes to abuse. They say 1 in 6 men are abused, but we know this number is false because many do not come forward for decades. Brent and Survivors for Change are trying to bring a voice to boys and men to help them heal. They are in the early stages of existence, but are working to teach young men and their parents the signs to look for when it comes to grooming, and just overall coach/player relationships. Brent is humble and believes he has things he has overcome, but considers them milestones because they have helped to shape him.

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