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Anum Hayat

Anum Hayat

Anum Hayat is the Founder of It’s A Beautiful Life. She empowers mums to create freedom, fulfilment and abundance in their lives. She specialises in self image and the embodiment of our most powerful self. She helps women tap into their unbound potential to become a powerhouse in their industry. Anum believes that once we step into our most powerful version and become one with our vision in our being, success becomes inevitable. Therefore, instead of chasing the right strategy success is about being the best version of ourselves. Anum is coining a new movement called “Mums Can Have It All” which is about helping mums becoming aware of the power of their mind and imagination to create their ideal lives. Anum believes that whatever we can imagine we can achieve despite the circumstances. She is on a mission to empower one Billion lives.

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