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Andrea Howard

Andrea Howard

Andrea Howard is a woman who has always felt different from those around her. As a child, she struggled to feel seen and heard, and was often made to feel shame for her mistakes. Despite being labeled “shy,” Andrea had a deep sense that she had something special to offer the world, but struggled to find her way. In her 40s, she experienced health problems that led her to research women’s health and hormones, and she discovered the mind-body connection. This journey helped Andrea to remember who she is and connect with her heart. Now, she teaches women in menopause to remember their own worth and create a life they feel worthy of living. Andrea’s own journey has been marked by a series of challenges, including bullying, divorce, and a near-fatal car accident, but she has always found the strength to keep moving forward. Today, Andrea is inspired by the idea of helping others and finds joy in small things every day. She remains present and connected to her heart, asking herself “what would love do today?” as she works to be intentionally happy.

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